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Al Faqir ILAllah Shaykh Dr Ismail Bin Hj Kassim [ AL Qadiri Al Chistyi Order] The Organizer of 1 Million / 3 Million / 5 Million / 7 Million and this Coming year 2014 10 Million Salawat to The Holy Prophet SAW , The Author of 130 Spiritual Books and Speaker At International Level on the Spiritual Journey to Lord Almighty , How To Love The Holy Prophet SAW and Keep the Love Burning in Our Hearts.The Power of Sincerity.The Reality of Oneness. The Sweetness of Iman. The Mystery of the Heart. The Journey of The Soul.The Light To The Path of Almighty Allah SWT. The Greatest Personality Ever lived On Planet Earth.

  • Researcher of the Knowledge & Wisdom of the ILMU TAUHID 
  • Life  time  Goal   of  Transmitting  "  World  Peace  and  Greater  Internal  Prosperity  "  Message to  the  Entire  World  by  2030
  • The  Global  Community  must  Unite Under  the  Umbrella  of  Almighty  Creator's SACRED WORD which is found in every Scriptures 
  • To  Serve  the  Humanity  Universally  with  The  Highest  message  of  The  Creator 
  • A  Practical  and  applied  Research  over  27  Years in  the  subject  of  KALIMAH  LA  ILAHA  ILALLAH
  • Researched  About  The  KALIMAH  LA  ILAHA ILALLAH  in  Bible  and  Vedas For  the  past  5  years and  now  continuing  the  study  of Zabur and Taurat  
  • Accord  of  title  As - The  Distinguished  Scholar  of  Iman , tauhid  and  The  Sacred  KALIMAH LA  ILAHA  ILALLAH  by  more  50  Muftis , Qazhis, Scholars  of  Islam  and  Prominent  Leaders  in  India , Malaysia  and  in  Middle  East 
  • To  Present  the  Thesis  and  Practice  of  the  KALIMAH  LA  ILAHA  ILALLAH  to  500  Universities  globally 
  • Special  Appearance  in  ZEE  SALAM  TV  Satellite  Channel  [786] -  450  Million  Viewers  Globally
  • Conductor  and  Patent  Holder  of  700  Programs  of  Peace , Spirituality, Faith , Real  Creed  of  Unity ,  Belief  and  Faith , Harmony  of  Mind Emotions , Powerful  Motivational  Programs  for  the  Heart  and  Soul
  • The  Distinguished  Speaker  in  Esteemed  Islamic , Cultural ,  Higher  learning  Centers  in  Asia , Middle  East , Africa  and  South  East  Asia.
  • Panel speaker at ABIM outreach/University Of India-Pakistan-Malaysia. 
  • Kelulusan Al Fadhil dari Jamiyah Nooriyah Arifiyah Hyderabad India. 
  • Ceramah Khas di Istana Higgap Zaman Tuanku Jaffar/Kediaman Rasmi Tunku Besar Tampin Tunku Razman.
  • Regular Speaker at IPT, Universities, Surau, Masjid Thoyibin, Masjid NurulIman, UIA Kompleks 3C Sunway, Subang Johor Taman Kempas, Pahang.
  • International Speaker (UAE/India/Singapore-Private/Indonesia/Brunei for Ilmu Kalimah La-Ilahaillah.
  • Motivasi Mindas-Qalbu &Spirituality and Wisdoms of Al Quran.
  • Founder of Therapy Kalimah La-ilahaillah
  • Author of Kalimah Agung Dengan Maha Agung
  • Founder of Kumpulan Pencinta Rasulullah S.A.W.
  • Main Conductor of Sholatul Khusyuk Al Ikhlas Program.
  • 52000 past participants, Enlightened Thousands of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Atheists About  Iman ,  Real  Creed  and  Belief  System The  Sacred  Word of  Almighty [ KALIMAH ] , Spirituality , Peace in  Real  Sense and   Islam. 

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