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20th March 2014

posted Mar 21, 2014, 4:07 AM by Rahmatan AlaminMalaysia   [ updated Mar 21, 2014, 4:36 AM ]
New  Delhi -  16-17-18-19 March
Talk Show  and  Recordings  with  ZEE  SALAM  TV
Program  in  faridabad , 50 Km from new  Delhi

New Delhi  -  20 March
Iman  and  Permanent  Peace at  Indian  Islamic  Cultural Center
5 to 630 pm  [Will be 730pm-900pm  Local Malaysia Time ]
Attendance  by  Prominent  leaders  and  Foundations/ Trust  and
islamic  Organizations  - Scholars and  Religious  Leaders
And interfaith  Circles

Hyderabad   - 23rd March - 25th March
Bangalore  - Interview  with  Satellite  TV  Station  [ 26- 29 March]

Bangladesh  - Awaiting for Invitation  From  The  Prime Minister  of  Bangladesh
                     For  a  large  gathering  in  Dhakka  Religious  Function.

Older POSTS.
11/03/2014 - Sheikh Dr Ismail Hj Kassim currently in Thailand
By Almighty  Allah's  grace  today  9th  March  2014  in  Bangkok  Visa  expired  and  have  to  renew  and  the  easiest  and  nearest  port  is  Thailand.
Am today  since  yesterday  in  Thailand, Visa  expired  and  have  to  renew  and  the  easiest  and  nearest  port  if  Thailand.

By Allah's  Grace  met  with  Sheikul Islam from Naratiwat -  The  Central Islamic  Council  of  Thailand - Assoc  Professor  Dr Ismae Alee,

who  has  agreed  to  invite  us  to  his  organization  and  University  in  Narathiwat  -  80  Km  away  from Kelantan  ,  also  was  at 

The  Foundation  of  Islamic  Center  of  Thailand [  www.thaiislamiccenter.com ]  and  also  met  Ustaz  Abd  Rahman Abd  Samad

from  Madrasah  Tahfiz  Darul  Quraanul  Karim ,  who  also  keen  to  have  us  spread  the  Wing  of  Dakwaah  in  Narathiwat.


‎(Thailand)‎ The Breath of Peace


Programming Your Mind and Emotions


Will  be  leaving  on  13 March  to  Calcutta  again  for  few  more  programs  with  Organization  of  Manhajul  Quraan  with  1.5 Million

members  in  India  and  worldwide. After  the  programs  in  Calcutta ,  we  will  be  going  to  Bangladesh  for  a  week  program , and

then  prepare  for  Pakistan  trip  if  the  Visa  is  secured  from  MOFA  and  MOIA.


Thats  all  update  from  the  programs  of  KALIMAH  LA  ILAHA  ILALLAH  dakwaah.

This  trip  really  manifest  many-many  mircales  on  the  Power  of  the  KALIMAH  LA  ILAHA  ILALLAH  -  Qalam Allah , Kalimah ALLAH.


Regent  Hotel  and  Apartment [  Muslim  Hotel ]   in  the  Vicinity  of  Bangkok  City.

Bangkok-  Thailand.