In Alignment with our Mission Statement.
"To  establish  a  platform  for  the  members  to   Unite  under  the  solidarity  of  Iman  to spread  the  true  message  of  brotherhood , kindness ,  love  and  mercy  to  the  Mukmin  and  in  general  to  everyone  be  it  Muslims  or  non  Muslim."

Here we have a number of charity buckets which members of the organization or the public can donate any amount at their own free will to various charity organization we have allocated for.
Rahmatan Lil Alamin is a Non-Profit and a Non-Political Organization.

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Donation Forms/Borang Pendermaan

All donations may be directed to the Account No Account PERAHMAT. : 12122010013425 (Bank Islam). Can also SMS name, code repository and the total contribution to the Treasurer PERAHMAT - Ms. Wan Kelthom 013-2450800 / 019-3722302 Mdm Sharifah.

Segala sumbangan ikhlas bolehlah disalurkan kepada Akaun PERAHMAT di Akaun No. : 12122010013425 (Bank Islam).  Boleh juga SMSkan  Nama, Kod Tabung dan jumlah sumbangan kepada Bendahari PERAHMAT - Pn. Wan Kelthom 013-2450800 / Pn Sharifah 019-3722302.

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