The  Word God and Lord  is used  to  call  the  worshippings  of  Creations such idols , animals, fire  , stars , worships of  humans ,materials . The  word  that  we  use  to  call  anything  other  than Almighty  The  Creator , The  One  and  Only  cannot  be  used  or  attached to Almighty ALLAH . This is  called  " TAUHID FIL ASMAA ALLAH ". Only  Names that  belongs  to ALLAH  to  be  used  to  Name or  Call  Him.

Muslims  are  committing  grave sin and  unforgiveable mistake by  attaching  the  word 'god" - "DOG" , "tuhan" [ hantu ], and  similar  such  errors  in 47  other  languages  that  we  have  researched  for  the  past  27  years  on the  subject  of  KALIMAH  LA  ILAHA  ILALLAH. The Muslim Scholars and  translators are  using  these "  Syaitanic  Influenced Words" [ Devil  Inspired Words" in Al Quraan  and  Hadis.Please  refrain  from  using  and  translating  the  Word "  ILLAH "  "  ALLAH " and  ROBB  to  god , tuhan and etc.

Kindly  use  the  Word  and  Names  that  Exclusively  belongs  to  Almighty  ALLAH , The  One  and  Only  Creator  Who  Has  Exclusive  Names  [  99 Beautiful  Names ] for  Himself  and  which  are  not  affiliated , attached  or  given  to  call  anyother  being  than  ALMIGHTY  ALLAH , He  is  The  Only  Creator  and  The  Administrator  of  the  entire  Universe  and  all  that  is  within  the  Universe.

Maybe  we  should  create  a  special  page  for this  by  marking  on  the  word  ILLAH  and  ROBB  to  refer ,  but if  you  cna  do  so  in  the  first  page  ,  then  this  would  be  crowd  puller  and  attention  puller.

 Awliyah  Walī (Arabicولي‎, plural 'ʾawliyāʾ' أولياء), is an Arabic word meaning "custodian", "protector", "helper", etc
 Haqiqah    is one of the four stages in Sufismshari’a (exoteric path), tariqa (esoteric path), haqiqa (mystical truth) and marifa (final mystical knowledge, unio mystica)
4 Stages: Sharia't, Tariqat, Haqiqat and Ma'rifat
 Tauhid  the concept of monotheism in Islam.[1] It is the religion's most fundamental concept and holds God (Arabic: Allah) is one (wāḥid) and unique (āḥad).[2]
 Tariqah    tariqa (or tariqahArabicطريقة‎ ṭarīqah, plural طرق ṭuruq, from طريق "way, path"; Persianطريقت‎ tariqatTurkishtarikat) is the term for a school or order of Sufism, or especially for the mystical teaching and spiritual practices of such an order with the aim of seeking ḥaqīqah ultimate truth
 TasawuffKnowledge of  the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but ALLAH
 Marifatmystical intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth reached through ecstatic experiences, rather than revealed or rationally acquired.

Nafs (نَفْس)is an Arabic word (cognate of the Hebrew word "Nefesh" נפש) which occurs in the Qur'an and means selfpsyche,[1] ego or soul. In its unrefined state, "the ego (nafs) is the lowest dimension of man's inward existence, his animal and satanic nature.